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Sunday, 11/2/14. Bishop G. Emerson Scott

"When God Brings You Full Circle" (Part 2)

Author: IKC Media/Tuesday, November 4, 2014/Categories: Sermon Notes

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Sunday, 11/2/14. Bishop G. Emerson Scott

“When God Brings You Full Circle” (Part 2)

Joshua 5:9

Cycles get repeated, but each time something better happens.

Three (3) things God wants to teach you when bringing you full circle:

  • Humility

  • Obedience

  • Patience

Occasionally, God will orchestrate a dead end in your life.  Do not be surprised when God shows you new ways that He can take care of you.

When the miracles stops, God already has something in place for you to carry on.

Exodus 16:4

In this season (cycles) of your life, there are some instructions you must follow in order to have a different outcome from the last time.

Exodus 16:20

This time around, if you do not follow the instructions of God, everything that you do outside of the will of God will stink and no one around you will be able to ignore it.  Don’t be the cause of someone else missing their appointment because you failed to follow God’s instructions.  This season, you must learn how to hear God.  Do not depend on others to hear from God.

Revelation 2:17

When you obey God, He will give you supernatural power to get you through and out of circumstances only He can get you through and out of.

Deuteronomy 11:26-30

The enemy is posted at your turnaround, so be careful of things that look familiar… is the enemy attempting to get you to make the exact same decisions that you made before. You must remember the choices that cost you much and hurt you.  If you are not careful, you will experience the same hurt and missed appointments all over again.

Joshua 9:6-8

Be careful of people who come wanting to be connected to you. Ask God for the discernment and consult HIM on everything.           

Joshua 10:6-15

When God brings you full circle, get ready for a day and season like no other.  Prepare to fight (warfare) to avenge for the losses. DO NOT let anything go without fighting! Victory is pre ordained.  You will stand in the supernatural (in faith) and God will give you victory in the natural.  God will yield to the voice of those who have faith in Him.  Do not underestimate who you are in God!

If God heard Jesus, God will hear you. You have no circumstance that is too small for God to handle and He hears you when you cry.

To receive Bishop Scott’s full message of "Full Circle", you are encouraged to purchase a tape or join us at our regular worship service held each Sunday morning at 9:30am.    



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