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Sunday, 11/16/14 Bishop G. Emerson Scott

"When God Brings You Full Circle" (Part 4) - "The Journey"

Author: IKC Media/Tuesday, November 18, 2014/Categories: Sermon Notes

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Sunday, 11/16/14  Bishop G. Emerson Scott

“When God Brings You Full Circle” (Part 4) – The Journey

You will discover that the Season of the Full Circle works as a benefit for EVERY child of God and that God held and preserved what was intended for you so that you would not miss anything.

2 Kings 2:1

At Full Circle:

    • Testing begins at Full Circle.
    • Being able to follow and serve is a prerequisite to your leadership. 
    • God ignites the fire within you to desire more of Him.     

Psalms 90

Affliction will bring you to repentance.  God will allow your mess to get on your nerves.

All you can do is trust God when you can’t see your way through anything.  Learn the difference between your voice of reason and the voice of God.

Some battles that you may experience may require you to do nothing but to obey God.  This can be the most uncomfortable place in your life and the same place where your faith in God should be sustained.  Faith is obedience to God.  When you are obedient, God wins for you.

Joshua 5:2

Even when man struggles against the plan of God, man’s resistance serves the plan of God at the same time.

*To receive Bishop Scott’s full message of “When God Brings You Full Circle”, you are encouraged to purchase a CD or join us at our regular worship services held on each Sunday morning at 9:30 am.*






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